Arinc 801 8D connectors and termini

8D ARINC 801 Series

  • Fiber optic solution in 38999 sIII type connectors
  • Worldwide standard (ARINC 801)
  • High density
  • Low mating force

Key features and benefits


The ARINC 801 8D connectors are fiber optic multi-channel connector which comply with ARINC 801 specifications and 38999 Series III standards.

This connector range is used for aerospace and military applications to offer high performance in harsh environments.

Multimode and single mode termini are available and provide good insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) for high data transfer.

This serie is available in various shell configurations (square flange, jam nut receptacle, plug), sizes and materials (aluminum, composite, stainless steel,...)